(Game only supports keyboards at this time. Use arrow keys to move Clayton.)

Clayway, a planet that Clayton, a ball of clay, and many others live in had gone amok by green slimy creatures known as Gloppies, living in Glopozone. When the Gloppies had arrived, Clayton saw the sticky slime spots they had left and needed to fix the inconvenience. 

Follow Clayton on his journey to stop his planet from becoming a similar and hard to distinguish planet towards Glopozone by dodging obstacles and enemies, and using power-ups, so you can clay the day for Clayton and his group in Clayway in “Clayton and the Gloppies"!

©2021 Sawyer Ique. All rights reserved.

(Comment about the game, such as your opinion towards it, and even share ideas such as level designs, power-ups, music, and more to help improve it!) (I will also credit you in the game in the full version too for contributing!)

(Two full screen modes are available for this prototype game, one that is widescreen and full screen!)

Development log


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great game! the music is cool and the concept itself is interesting. i would love to see a full release of this!

Thanks for the nice compliment!


nice! maybe more levels?

I’ll make more levels. I have made another concept for a new level. Which can be read on the development logs of Clayton and the Gloppies.